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Justin Guarini Daily
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' Baby it's Timeless '

borrowed from braff_daily and tweaked to fix the community. Thanks, guys.

Hi! Welcome to GUARINI DAILY, a place where you can feast your eyes on the first runner up of American Idol, Justin Guarini. Known mostly for his wild, Sideshow Bob like locks, this talented singer, songwriter,dancer and actor is coming around to make his second come back.

Graced us with his presence on stage, guest starred on various tv shows, toured with the American Idol bunch, he's set out musically on his own, wrapping up his sophomore album. A fan of his fans, Guarini himself frequents online messageboards, telling his fans to ' keep an eye out. Big things are going to happen'. And he deserves them.

+--- Rules for posting ---+

This is a PICTURE community. Pictures of Justin only, please.

No memes, and ABSOLUTELY NO community pimping! Posts will be deleted if you contravene this rule in particular!

Usually there's a rule about no introductory posts. Since the other and not quite so updated Guarini journal is pretty much dead, I'd like the chatter to remain about his album, his new projects, how great the first American Idol was. I personally, have no problem with Jelly <3 but I know others may disagree.

All photographs exceeding the maximum width of 350 pixels should be placed under an LJ-cut. If you don't know how to do this, please read the Livejournal FAQ.

Same goes for pictures that might be considered shippery. Keep the drama low.

NO DIRECT-LINKING. That is, if you've found a picture on someone's site or blog, do NOT put the url of that picture into your image tag. Instead, please save it to your harddrive and upload it to a free hosting site such as Photobucket or 250free.com. Stealing people's bandwith does not go down well with anyone at all.

Even though you're not really writing anything in the actual posts, please try not to use netspeak or tYp3 leik d1s.

Try not to post a picture that's been posted before.

No more than two daily posts, please. We don't want to clutter up anyone's flist!

And lastly, no more than two pictures on one post.

have fun, relax, chill and make new friends!
Hugs and kisses and mushiness-

''I'd rather know I did my best, even if people don't like it." - Justin